We are very proud of our specialized one-stop customized non-standard equipment service packages, from design to installation and adjusting, for non-standard equipment in the heavy machine industry. With more than a decade of experience, we thrive to become a leading provider of highly customized equipment services, including design and drafting, fabrication, installation and testing. Our proficiency enables our clients to focus on more gainful manufacturing sectors in their corresponding organizations. We sustain our win-win relationships with clients worldwide.

Non-Standard Equipment Services

ZY performs comprehensive operations on a turn-key basis on designing, manufacturing of non-standard equipment for engineering support of companies in different industries, including but not limited to

  • Construction
  • Agriculture
  • Coal Mining
  • Entertainment

We vary out the following works:

  • Designing of non-standard equipment according to the customer’s statement of work
  • Manufacturing of non-standard equipment according to the customer’s drawings (including the check of the structure for strength and workability)
  • Installation with professional documentation

Tooling and Fixtures

We have our own development team dedicated to the conceptualization, design and fabrication of special fixtures and tooling that are required or that would improve our manufacturing processes. The chief engineer of this team has more than 30 years of experience with customized tooling and fixtures. The capacity of this team is acknowledged by our customers and their production has become one of our stable sources of profit.

Sample Projects

  • Precision welding fixtures: maximum dimensions 10000×2500×1800mm; manual or semi-automatic, hydraulic.
  • Precision machining fixtures: maximum dimensions 10000×1500×1800mm; manual or semi-automatic, hydraulic.
  • Rotary welding positioner: maximum weight 20 ton; with one, two or three axles.
  • A full oil tank cleaning line to disassemble, clean, test and then re-assemble oil tanks with pressures of up to 35MPa.
  • Press machines, with capacity of up to 400tons.
  • Structure parts of wind tunnels

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