Contract Manufacturing

ZY Machining and Distribution has a diverse and experienced team composed of 300 employees and staff members, including 25 engineers from diverse disciplines, 50+ machinists and 40+ certified welders. We have over 10 years of experience in providing state of the art one-stop contract manufacturing services for the heavy-duty construction and the agricultural equipment industry. With our assistance, our customers are able to avoid the additional distress of the manufacturing processes and focus more on their core business development.


With safety and compliance as our top priorities, we train our staff and technicians with both domestic and international welding and machining codes to ensure that our products are in compliance with the specific needs and requirements of our customers. We also provide training and formation to our experienced engineers with cutting-edge manufacturing technologies, the leading machine design theory, and the latest metal-forming techniques of non-standard equipment, in order to uplift our versatile and reliable customized design and our manufacturing efficiency.

Off-site fabrication can be remarkably beneficial when outsourced to the right partner for the timely delivery of high quality products; lowering labour costs and improving job-site safety. Let ZY eliminate your risks of missing your target dates due to weather anomalies and skilled labour shortage. Our dedicated project managers will assist you with the manufacturing process as per drawings, quality control, logistics, production scheduling, data integration, or even your entire production process from scratch. We are internationally qualified suppliers (AWS, ISO9001, Komatsu Strategic Alliance) with years of experience in building and managing large modular outsourced projects.


We have more than 30 horizontal and vertical CNC boring mills for the machining of complex components and assembled parts. We ship parts, subassemblies, or completed modules to a plant or job site for final placement and assembly. Our completed modules can contain purchased 3rd party equipment as per customer request, electric wiring, piping systems, controls, etc., which will ultimately be part of a larger product for the convenience of OEMs. Our design and manufacturing capabilities will guarantee exceptional quality, unparalleled customer service, and timely deliveries of our products.

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