Metal Forming Capacities

After being cut, the raw materials are formed into desired angles and shapes before machining them. We have both heavy-duty CNC bending and CNC press machines and smaller metal forming machines such as rolling and straightening machines. The bending machine bends the metal plates into 0- 90°; the rolling machine rolls the metal plates into the desired curves, and the punch machine either set the metal into the desired shape by customized molds or flattens the finished parts before painting.

    • Maximum Press: 500 ton
    • Working Envelope: LR/FR/Travel in mm 2000/1400/900
    • Injection Cylinder Travel Range: 350 mm
    • Material: Steel and its Alloy
    • Customized Molding Available upon Request
    • Nominal Pressure: 500 ton
    • Working Envelope L/W/H/D in mm 4000/320/600/500
    • Repositioning Accuracy: ±0.02 mm
    • Material: Steels, Aluminum, and their Alloys
    • Maximum Metal Plate Width: 1500 mm
    • Upper and Lower Roller Distance: 300 mm
    • Upper Roller Pressure: 130 ton
    • Upper Roller Diameter: φ 350 mm
    • Lower Rollers Diameter: φ180 mm
    • Material: Steels, Aluminum, and their Alloys
    • Maximum Plate Thickness: 5 mm-25 mm
    • Maximum Plate Width: 1500 mm
    • Metal Plate Yield: ≤ 245 Mpa
    • Straightening Speed: 6.5m/min
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